Our Story

Celebrate With Love is a concoction of the love for everything that creatively relates to baby, craft and wedding.

Celebrate With Love (Baby) is dedicated to creating the most breathtaking baby gifts for newborns to 3 years old. Every piece of product that goes into our bespoke gift set is carefully curated and handpicked and then packed beautifully for each client.

Once in a while, Celebrate With Love (Craft) runs creative craft workshops with awesome experts we adore. Do join our mailing list or follow our Facebook page to be in the loop.

Coming up next will be Celebrate With Love (Wedding) a fabulous platform that brings practical yet wonderful ideas and tips to the wedding industry.

"Wedding is the very thing that started all my love for planning, organizing and crafts. I'm inspired by all things beautiful and loves to share their whimsicality. The creativity, elegance and colourful intricate details that go into crafting such joyous occasions leave me immensely happy. For many years, the wedding projects I had worked on had allowed me to indulge in all kinds of books and trinkets related to weddings, and it has also grown into baby and kids related subjects ever since I had my baby." ~ Elaine G, Crafter at Celebrate With Love